Thank you for being interested in our educational programs


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Thank you for being interested in our educational programs. Below is information about the our academy´s admission process:

Preschool and Elementary

If you are interested in our educational program for Preschool or for Elementary, please fill out the Admission Application, with your child's information.

Upon completion of the Application for Admission, Olson Bridge Academy staff will contact you to schedule an interview. The family meeting is an opportunity for parents to inquire about Montessori education, share information about their children, as well as for the school to share its mission, expectations, and answer questions.

A visit of one or several days is scheduled for the aspiring student to observe him/her within the Montessori environment.

When there is an available place (depending on age, gender and grade) parents will be notified.

At that time, the student's parents will be asked to pay the registration fee and complete the admission process.

The student's registration will be formalized with the full payment of the established fee, as well as with the signing of the "Contract" and the "Olson Bridge Academy Manual and Regulations".

Admission profile

The age to enter depends on the level of development of the applying student; an approximation of these ages are:

1st - Children's House: 3-4 years

2nd - Children's House: 4-5 years

3rd - Children's House: 5-6 years

1st year of Lower Elementary: 6 years old before May 31

For parents who are interested in our Preschool and Elementary educational programs, we ask you to please fill out the application below with the information of your children. Later, we shall schedule an appointment with you and be able to answer your questions.

When we respect that each person is unique, we can grow and we support others to grow.