Our beliefs

Let us be authors of our positive transformation.


Let us be authors of our continuous transformation as human beings. Let us be grateful for what we have, without thinking about what we lack.. Let's seek to develop how amazing we can be, by knowing ourselves, identifying and regulating our emotions, reflecting and recognizing our responsibility in every action we freely take.


Let us understand that the people around us are different from us, with their own life and their own decisions. Let's accept that people can think, feel and act differently than us. If we respect that each person is unique, we can grow and support others to grow. Let's focus on our similarities and resolve our conflicts. Let us be bridges of union, of empathy, of cooperation. Let us act with grace and courtesy. Let us agree to accompany each other. We are not alone, we are social beings.


Let's delve into that community of which we are a part. Let's know our history to trace the origin of what we proudly claim to come from. Let us understand the origin of the wealth of our city, state, province or nation, both tangible and intangible wealth. Let us understand the origin of poverty (natural resources, lack of education, lack of justice) and create bridges in search of creative solutions.


Let us remember that we are inter-independent with one another and with all the environment that surrounds us: the flora, the fauna, the minerals, the water, the atmosphere. Let's understand why they are not renewable, and why it is so important to care for and manage them. Let us understand the responsibility that we share to redefine our relationship with nature. Let us move towards an awareness and act to neutralize the adverse effects that we have caused to our planet and allow its regeneration. 

Commitment to the truth

Let us be educated agents to seek the truth, validating the information we obtain before sharing it. Let us respectfully question what people or institutions publish. There is always a bit of common sense too. Let's establish scientific thinking as part of our life.

If we respect that each person is unique, we can grow and support others to grow.