Olson Bridge Academy believes that the human being is a being in process in its different levels of development: academic/cognitive, socio-emotional, community, artistic, physical, as well as the development of self-discipline, a part of nature and as a peacemaker.

Let us be authors of our continuous transformation:

Our students, day by day, use various techniques and tools to first be able to identify and regulate their emotions, and thus move towards the next level of interpersonal relationships. These tools will help them with conflict resolution and inter-independent interaction of human beings to achieve living with well-being, empathy, harmony and in a community.

Imagine if every home (or school) was in harmony, we wouldn't have all the social problems that we have in our world. Maria Montessori said: “Everyone talks about peace, but nobody educates for peace, people educate for competition and this is the principle for any war. When we educate to cooperate and be in solidarity with each other, that day we will be educating for peace”.

For children to develop in an integrative way, the development, responsibility and awareness of their physical body is essential. For this reason, the students of Olson Bridge Academy learn the importance of connecting with their body, by taking responsibility in having a balanced diet as well as exercising their body

    Olson Bridge Academy within its curricular plan has spaces for:

  • Daily physical activation
  • Conscious-eating workshops
  • Sports

Olson Bridge Academy has a deep and active commitment of caring for our environment and a commitment to neutralize the adverse effects we have caused to our planet. We are aware of this, and therefore in our facilities we minimize the use of polluting materials.

Intellectual skills are developed through small group projects and problem solving exercises.

Our students, through various activities within the classroom, develop financial tools such as preparing a budget, knowing how to save, making comparative financial tables with the aim of learning personal and group finances in order to meet their needs.

Olson Bridge Academy has a calling to instill creative thinking processes in the student; to generate ideas and solutions, focusing on creativity, originality, critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, collaboration and communication.

Let us be creative and inquisitive in our search for knowledge..

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