Let's know our history where we proudly trace our origins.

Throughout the years

Today we continue to have that same essence and vocation to transform our world and we have decided to move forward and rename Montessori del Cabo as OLSON BRIDGE ACADEMY as a symbol of union between people.

Olson Bridge Academy begins from a series of events in which Rosemary Carolyn Olson and E. Robert Fishburn decided to make Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico their home. There they raised and educated their daughter and son. They founded Restaumex Student Center (CER) where they offered room and board for over 32 years, to hundreds of low-income students from Mexico and Latin America so that they could receive a university education. They were also involved in other educational endeavors. Rosemary wrote and directed a music curriculum for elementary schools and Bob founded the first career in Industrial Safety in Latin America.

In 2005, Rita Elena Garza Fishburn, arrived in San José del Cabo, BCS and made it her home along with her husband Luis Alberto Cárdenas Pérez andwhere her children were born. In 2013, her mother, Rita Elaine Fishburn Olson (daughter of Rosemary and Bob Fishburn) moved to Los Cabos.

With the instilled spirit of their ancestors, we observed that San José del Cabo lacked an integrative and quality education (academic, emotional, physical, artistic and educational development) for children, so they decided to found Montessori del Cabo Elementary School, now Olson Bridge Academy. This school was founded on March 5, 2014 offering elementary education with Montessori methodology in a controlled manner, and guaranteeing quality according to the standards of the AMI (International Montessori Association). After 5 months of hard work to get everything that was required (certified guides/teachers, resources, materials, permits), on August 25, 2014 we opened the doors to our first facilities in downtown San José del Cabo, where we received our first 24 students. A few weeks later, on September 14, we had an unexpected visit from Hurricane Odile. Despite all the damage left by the hurricane around the school, only one book in the library was damaged! Even so, classes could not be resumed until three weeks later, awaiting the county authorities’ approval. The parents of our school helped clean the street of our school from all the mud caused by the hurricane

That first year was magical and everyone learned a lot. By February 2015, there was already a waiting list for the next school year 2015-2016, but there was no room for more students, so we looked for a new place to move. At last, we found “Natura Nursery”, but it needed many repairs to adapt it and make it a welcoming space for our Montessori school. There was an anonymous donor (a family from our community) who supported us to make our dream come true. With this beautiful gift, we started in these new facilities in August 2015, with 46 students.

Montessori del Cabo began as a dream, and has had the advantage of having involved and committed parents interested in the development of their children and their community. Together with parents and students, murals have been made on the walls of the streets surrounding the facilities, a "Let it Beat" concert to collect monetary resources for good causes, continuous contact with the "Day House" for the elderly, also, beach and camp days to build a sense of community for our school.

Since we started with Montessori del Cabo, our dream encompasses much more than elementary education for girls and boys. This is the reason why, from the beginning, we looked for land with appropriate characteristics for our dream. In the year 2016, we bought the land and in the year 2021 we started building.

This great opportunity for community transformation, encompassing educational development for every stage of our lives, deserves a change of image. We want to transmit our passion and professionalism in this area of ​​continuous improvement, and also personal, community and universal transformation.

So, on January 28th, 2022, Montessori del Cabo became Olson Bridge Academy, a metamorphosis in image, but without leaving behind its reason for being, its essence: To offer an integrative environment that allows people of all ages to develop and become a better human being; seeking to participate as a well-balanced citizen, contributing harmoniously to the community and the world.

Now Olson Bridge will have a new campus, new educational possibilities. We will create more synergies to purposefully transform our environment. Our new campus, built with the aim of minimizing the urban footprint, will be a physical platform to make this a reality.

Let us be creative and inquisitive in search of knowledge.