Olson Bridge Academy has a Scholarship Committee offering partial or total discounts. Our desire for the families that want to belong to our school, may do so.

This scholarship is awarded to families that prove financial setbacks that jeopardize the continuity of students and their families at Olson Bridge Academy.

It is granted to one or more siblings within a family of origin, and has the objective of valuing and promoting the permanence of family groups in the establishment. It begins to be awarded when there are more than 3 members of the family as students at Olson Bridge Academy.

It is granted to families that are in the 3 areas of the Catarina District (Santa Catarina, Veredas, San Bernabé) after completing a family study.

Scholars and their families agree to follow the philosophy and values ​​of Olson Bridge
Academy, and abide by the Olson Bridge Academy Handbook and Regulations.

Let's do something from our place in life that allows others to be able to enjoy and be happy.